More Coverage of Chinese and Indian Credentials at the 10th Annual Winter Institute!

January 22, 2016
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The 10th Annual Winter Institute, held in Washington DC on January 15-19, 2016, hosted 72 attendees.   With a growing demand for more information on Chinese and Indian credentials, AACRAO IES offered for the first time, a two-day intensive workshop focusing on hot topics relating to Chinese and Indian credentials.

Popular topics of discussion include:

  • Verification of Chinese credentials
  • Junior Colleges
  • Summer Programs/Dual Degrees
  • Professional Associations in India
  • PG Diplomas


Here is what this year’s attendees had to say about Winter Institute:

“I came here with no real method and realized that you can apply method more broadly than you expect to all different countries.  It is also important to remain flexible as you’re evaluating in any situation.  This institute has helped me to gain more clarity.”

-Garrett Seelinger (NAIA, First Time Attendee)

“In doing this every year, I feel less like an island of one.  I’ve got people that are doing the same thing at other institutions, or not, it just validates what I am doing.  If I can get some seniors to come to senior symposium, that get it, it’ll just make everyone’s lives easier.  This way, I’m not trying to educate the people in those positions.”

-Lois Frederick (Colorado State University, Repeat Attendee)

With this year’s institute we went into great detail with China and India.  Even though other presentations had general information, we didn’t go into specific detail.  There were also new institutions that had questions we had never thought of, and that just adds to the library of knowledge.  This institute will give others a better foundation to understand.”

-Veronica Taylor (Troy University, Repeat Attendee)


Summer Institute: International Recruitment & Admissions

For this year’s Summer Institute, we are inviting senior level administrators to join the institute.   This will give attendees and their bosses an opportunity to learn about the best practices for their institution.  The training will focus on topics relating to international student recruitment, and admissions, as well as how to apply what is learned to your current institution.  Please consider joining us for the 2016 Summer Institute in Leesburg, Virginia. To learn more, click here.



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