Modern Communications Strategy at Mid-Plains Community College

April 5, 2022
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Even before the pandemic, Mid-Plains Community College, a public community college in southwest Nebraska, was originally looking to integrate a texting solution into its college communications strategy. But as the pandemic forced both current and prospective students off-campus, stakeholders at the college knew they needed a communications solution that went beyond mere texting capabilities. Situated across seven campuses, the college wanted a way to modernize its communication processes.

After gathering input from different departments on campus and outlining its objectives and strategy, Mid-Plains Community College decided to implement Jenzabar Communications Plus

“We started looking for tools that we already had access to. We already had a great relationship and rapport with Jenzabar,” said Kelly Rippen, Vice President of Student Affairs.

Modernizing the Communications Funnel

After seeking input from campus stakeholders, Mid-Plains Community College came up with a series of objectives that would make up the foundation of a modern communications strategy. Stakeholders knew they needed a system for tracking communications to ensure students didn’t fall through the cracks. They also wanted to increase student engagement, streamline workflows, create a strategic enrollment plan, and strengthen collaboration between departments, especially between academic departments and student affairs.

To help drive campus growth, Mid-Plains Community College came up with a three-pronged communications strategy that tackled recruitment, retention, and relationship-building.

The recruitment funnel improved prospective student experiences by tracking interactions and determining the most productive touchpoints. The retention funnel focused on strategically using communications to improve current students’ experiences and promote success and completion. The relationship funnel aimed to support and build future relationships with students.

How did the implementation of a new communications strategy pan out? Join our webinar on April 20, 2022, at 2 PM to find out. Speakers from Mid-Plains Community College, including Mindy Hope (Director of Recruiting and Admissions), Erin Sis (Area Recruiter), and Bobbi Muehlenkamp (Director of the Learning Commons) will discuss the tactical execution of the modernized communications funnels, present results and metrics, and share how Jenzabar Communications Plus enabled the college to identify and implement best practices.

Want to learn more? Join the upcoming webinar "How Modernized Communications Increased Engagement, Recruitment, and Retention at Mid-Plains Community College" on April 20.


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