Mentoring study: Call for research participants

August 11, 2020
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The study, “Becoming a mentor:  A narrative study of mentor identity formation among college and university registrars,” aims to understand the development of a mentor identity among college and university registrars between the ages of 35 and 55 who have mentored another person at work informally (e.g., not as part of a formal mentoring program).  

My name is Adrienne Bricker; I am conducting this research for my EdD degree at Northeastern University.  I am inviting you to share a resume or similar document, create a simple timeline about your career path, and participate in two 45-60 minute interviews.  The purpose of the interviews is to understand your career path, experiences with being mentored (if any), and experiences in mentoring others.  The information learned from this study may assist practitioners and researchers to understand what registrars experience when they transition into a mentoring role and begin to see themselves as a mentor.  

If you would like to volunteer or have questions about this study, please email  Messages sent to other email accounts or through social media will be deleted without response per Northeastern University IRB.


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