Many new exhibitors bring excitement to SEM 2019

November 4, 2019
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exhibit hall with circular tables filling the space

The 29th Annual SEM Conference attracted over 45 exhibitors, with a significant increase in first-time exhibitors compared to previous years: 15 new companies came to explore the conference and to bring a wide variety of solutions for the higher education community.  Exhibitors included AI Chatbots, Scholarships & institutional aid solutions, schedule planner tools & software, enrollment management CRM, strategic marketing firms, credentials platform, transportation management solutions, and more.

Companies expressed excitement about participating in the meeting and having the opportunity to showcase their product in this arena of high level decision makers.

“AACRAO SEM Conference exceeded our expectations in every measurable category," said Mustafa Sualp, CEO, AEFIS - and first-time SEM exhibitor. "The AACRAO Team's partnership and welcoming approach allowed us to quickly connect with high-level decision-makers and see an immediate positive impact. As a successful EdTech company with triple-digit-growth, this was a tremendous addition to our conference line up to help grow our opportunities. Take it from a passionate founder, CEO and servant leader, when I say: look no further.” 

The strategic set-up of the exhibit hall allowed an easy flow for attendees to easily engage with exhibitors, all while incorporating the breakfasts, breaks, and lunch in the exhibit hall.  First-time exhibitor Coursedog sponsored the Monday afternoon break and we offered a mini "Coursedog" (whoops, we mean corn dog) that people enjoyed before going back to more great content sessions. 

From the newly-in-the-market to more established and long-time partners, exhibitors see this conference as the most relevant venue to unveil their products and solutions.



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