Managing the data explosion

August 20, 2018
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GettyImages-896319676 Higher education, like almost every sector of our society and economy, is witnessing an explosion of available data on every person and transaction.  As these data become available to us, institutions are struggling to understand how to make sense of them. 

Even more daunting is the challenge of integrating data from across disparate platforms used for loosely related institutional functions.  One way to begin to consider these challenges is to look for ways that data around learning can be gathered and used to promote student success and outcomes. 

AACRAO assembled a group of institutional colleagues with expertise in student systems, data, and records, joined by corporate colleagues who work with data integration on a daily basis, to discuss the challenges and potential solutions for higher education today.  

Read about their work here: 4 questions about data integration on campus.

The group is offering a live, free webinar "Challenges and Solutions for Data Integration: A Report from and Discussion with the Comprehensive Learner Records Project Data Integration Work Group" on September 18, 2018. 

The webinar revisits the session, summarized in the above link, held in July at the AACRAO Technology & Transfer Conference with the original presenters from that session.