HR Professionals Eyeing the CLR

January 9, 2023
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AACRAO recently shared a snapshot of the growing drumbeat around the CLR and LER as the future of academic record practices.  Indeed, this trend continues as external pressures increasingly call for higher education institutions to reconsider how student learning is captured and expressed.  One of the latest sources advancing these conversations is HR Dive. HR Dive provides in-depth journalism and insight into the most impactful news and trends shaping human resources.

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Recently, HR Dive reporter Chris Gaetano spoke with AACRAO Senior Consultant and CLR/LER Coordinator Mark McConahay to discuss the CLR.  The conversation was focused on the potential of the CLR to solve hiring challenges by providing a more detailed view of skills and knowledge gained during a student's academic career.

As McConahay expressed to Gaetano,

One of the reasons the CLR was born is that they really wanted to capture and account for all the learning occurring both inside and outside the classroom. Let’s capture those learning outcomes associated with those disciplinary and job-based skills. But also if you were taking part in an internship, if you were doing some community service, all these things, especially if they were supervised, may be terrific learning experiences and they should be expressed on behalf of the student.

Gaetano spoke with several other leaders in the CLR/LER space to ultimately portray how the comprehensive learner record could be adopted as a strategic tool in hiring and recruiting.  The article showcases the opportunities as well as considerations for both institutions of higher education and hiring managers.  As higher education begins to consider how to implement the CLR/LER, “it’s…okay to call people like [AACRAO] and ask ‘how does this work?’ as McConahay shared in his remarks. 

Acknowledging that many schools are posing that question is why AACRAO has named the CLR/LER one of the organization's strategic initiatives, developed a CLR/LER Community of Practice, and added CLR/LER services to the AACRAO Consulting Services menu. If you are interested in any or all of these topics we encourage you to join our updates list to stay abreast of the latest news, best practices, and updates.


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