How to be successful at your new SEM job

November 18, 2019
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In the latest issue of SEM Quarterly, Alicia Moore Dean of Student and Enrollment Services for Central Oregon Community College and AACRAO Consultant, shares her suggestions for successfully approaching a new job in SEM. Moore’s article is the final in a SEMQ series of leadership articles written by women in the field of enrollment management.   

“During my tenure I have hired a substantial number of new employees, promoted others, and, more recently, coached individuals both internal and external to the college on advancing their careers,” Moore said. “I am often asked what is needed to be successful, and I have found that I share some of the same strategies no matter the person or position.”

In her article, Moore offers guidance on the following themes: 

  • You’re not done yet (exit gracefully)

  • Do your homework (research the new institution)

  • Go beyond the data (be curious)

  • Connection is key (build relationships across the institution)

  • Trust and empower your team (encourage feedback, mentoring, multiple perspectives, and clear focus) 

Moore said her article “is intended to remind you of the basic and often unspoken rules of starting a new job.” This guidance, she said, “is designed to help you succeed in your transition and to build the foundation for strong, long-lasting, and successful connections across your institution.”

Other features in this issue include: 

Informal Peer Mentorship: Listening to the Everyday Student

By David Aderholdt, Christy Oliveri, Jennifer Clark, and Tricia Seifert

The Influence of the Completion Agenda on Decision Making by Community College Career and Technical Education Program Deans

By Helen B. Garrett

Administrator Perspectives Regarding the Relationship between Campus Environments and Campus Visits and Student College Choice and Persistence

By Scott Secore

Bringing in the Class: Campus Partnerships Make It Happen

By Mateo Remsburg and Teri Clawson

SEM Quarterly provides knowledge and insight into the ongoing evolution of strategic enrollment management (SEM) by bridging the gap between theory and practice. Articles by thought leaders and practitioners address the emerging dynamics of SEM, including: executive-level leadership, leading strategies, internationalization, research, academic orientation, and current trends.

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