Do you like to teach? New faculty opportunities for AACRAO's REG101 and REG201 Training

September 2, 2018
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We are inviting applications for the volunteer position of faculty member for our registrar training modules:  REG101 In-Person, REG101 Online, and REG201 In-Person.

Why teach?
Most of all, teaching offers the satisfaction of sharing your knowledge and experience with people who are new to the profession and provides a sense of “giving back.”  Many of us feel an obligation to repay the mentorship and kindnesses we have experienced in our network of colleagues and friends. It can be very fun to meet the up-and-coming members of the profession and help them along their paths.  

It is also a way to remain up-to-date on current events and issues.  As you are teaching the participants about how to be a registrar and the history of our profession, you are also answering questions about current topics like State Authorization, Gainful Employment, GDPR, and Reverse Transfer.

Ultimately, our passion to do our work well and help others along the career path are the main drivers.

In-person training details
Depending on location and availability, faculty members for the in-person courses may be asked to travel to various locations in the United States including the Annual Meeting, SEM, Tech/Transfer, or to locations where we are providing the AACRAO On The Road workshops.  

For REG101 In-Person, one faculty member normally covers the two-day workshop with the exception of the workshop that takes place just before the Annual Meeting.  During the Annual Meeting workshop there may be more than one presenter as there may be additional faculty members who happen to be attending the conference.   In general, if the REG101 workshop is in conjunction with the Annual Meeting, SEM or Tech/Transfer where the faculty member will be attending as a matter of his or her regular institutional position, one (primary) faculty member may be reimbursed for one or two days of hotel nights so that he/she can arrive early to the meeting to teach the workshop.

If the REG101 workshop is part of AACRAO On The Road, one faculty member is sent to the location.  Basic travel expenses are paid (plane, hotel, meals, and ground transportation). In all cases, the teaching position itself is voluntary (unpaid).  

In most cases the FERPA 101 training also takes place during the REG101 two-day workshop.  

The faculty member is responsible for preparing the series of presentations; loading USB drives for the participants; preparing materials for the FERPA101 workshop; communicating with the participants in advance of the workshop about the specific details of location, meals, attire, and any other expectations; providing advance readings; checking students in and providing name badges; delivering the content; and wrapping up the course with appropriate communications.

For REG201, the course is normally taught at the AACRAO Annual meeting or one of the other main AACRAO meetings – SEM and Tech/Transfer.  This course is team-taught with a group of approximately five faculty members who trade off teaching in one-hour or two-hour modules.  Faculty members who teach this course are normally attending the AACRAO meeting and are not normally paid for travel expenses. The teaching position itself is voluntary (unpaid).

Online training details
The REG101 Online training is offered 3-4 times each year.  Faculty members actively interact by leading one or two modules (one to two weeks of the 6-week course) and providing supporting input occasionally during the other weeks.  No travel is required.

New faculty members selected in December 2018 will be asked to login to the February 2019 REG101 Online course to spend time watching how the course takes place.  The passive role of “watching” what happens in the course is not a paid position.

Once the faculty member becomes active in future courses, the standard stipend is $300 for those faculty members who are actively leading modules throughout the day during the week(s) that they are leading, or $150 for those who are sharing the responsibilities of leading a module.

Faculty meetings
For both types of faculty, there will be 3-4 meetings conducted via conference call with your fellow faculty members during the year, one meeting approximately each quarter. These meetings are used to discuss course content, course evaluations, improvements in teaching, hands-on exercises, and readings. One meeting will be scheduled during the Annual Meeting in order to gather the faculty together to meet each other and catch up on recent issues.   

Faculty meetings are scheduled by the coordinator.  There is one coordinator for REG101 In Person (Kim Schipporeit), one for REG101 Online (Dan Weber), and one for REG201 In Person (Rock McCaskill).  Coordinators serve a three-year term. Coordinators also communicate with the faculty group by email when there are items to discuss between meetings/conference calls.

Time commitment
The time required to be a faculty member depends on the course you would like to teach.  

  • REG101 is offered in person 6-10 times per year and requires preparation and travel. There are several faculty members, so you may be asked to teach one or two times per year.  Meetings are quarterly.

  • REG101 Online requires a significant amount of time on your computer during the weeks that you are leading your module.  You may be asked to teach online as many as 3-4 times each year. Meetings are quarterly.

  • REG201 is offered 2-3 times each year in conjunction with the main three AACRAO meetings and require travel to the meeting along with preparation time. This course has multiple faculty members for each workshop, so you may be presenting two or three hour-long topics over the two-day workshop. Meetings are quarterly.

How to apply
We will take applications until December 1st. In December we will communicate with all applicants about the outcomes and assignments. New assignments will go into effect in February 2019, with the expectation that each of the three groups will meet at the AACRAO Annual Meeting in Los Angeles.  Apply now. 



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