Contribute to your profession

April 5, 2018
  • AACRAO Annual Meeting
  • AACRAO Consulting
Illustration of three hands raised in the air in the center of a roman wreath with the word "volunteer" written on a red banner underneath the hands.

There are several opportunities to become more involved in the profession, AACRAO staff shared at an Annual Meeting session on Monday afternoon. 

Presenters Heather Zimar and Brooke Barnett discussed the author submission processes for C&USEMQ and AACRAO Connect's "Field Notes" series; Kess Knight explained the process for hosting webinars; Linda Smith discussed how to become faculty for online courses; and Christopher Tremblay discussed how to become an evaluator on the Strategic Enrollment Management Endorsement Program (SEM-EP).

“We are always looking for new volunteers to share their expertise with the higher education community,” Zimar said. “This could include authoring an article or book chapter, presenting a session or webinar, teaching a course, or joining a committee.”

Session attendees were encouraged to think about the areas in which they are interested in contributing and keep in touch with AACRAO staff about ideas.  “We are very collaborative and are happy to help turn ideas into action,” Zimar said. 

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