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June 18, 2018
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Every institution is at a different stage in developing, implementing or assessing their transfer program, and every intuition needs unique and different tools to make these programs a success. To help institutions identify and use these tools, AACRAO is offering the “Transfer Toolkit,” a new pre-conference workshop at Tech and Transfer.

“We designed this workshop intentionally for attendees to walk away with an essential knowledge base and skills to affect positive programs for transfers at their own institutions," says Katie Schwienteck, Associate Registrar at York College of Pennsylvania, and one of the presenters of the workshop.

“We wanted to build a program that would help transfer professionals influence and advance transfer initiatives at their home institutions," says Seth Kamen, Director of Transfer and Prior Learning Design at Montgomery College in Maryland, who is also presenting at the workshop. "To do that, they need structural and adaptable tools that work.”

This workshop is designed to provide in-depth information on transfers, best practices in the field and hands-on learning of information that can be easily applied.  It will focus on three major themes:

  • Understanding Transfer Students, which will cover transfer student demographics, types of transfer students, and transfer patterns. Attendees will develop and explore tools that help them meet the needs of this diverse group of students.
  • Establishing Strong Academic Partnerships, which are the foundation of, among other items, building Articulation Agreements that work, aligning curriculum to maximize course equivalencies, and transitioning students between institutions. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore each of these topics to identify best practices, suggested content, and lessons learned to enhance their partnership programs.   
  • Internal Processes and Procedures that are key to a successful transfer program and a central reason why transfer is often a secondary thought at many institutions. Attendees will use AACRAO’s Guide to Best Practices: Awarding Transfer and Prior Learning Credit and other resources to identify gaps and opportunities for building their institution’s policies and procedures relating to transfer.

These themes have recently been identified as new  professional transfer-related proficiencies for AACRAO members.

Given the vital role they both play in helping transfer students, both community college and four-year transfer professionals are encouraged to attend the workshop.

Throughout the Tech and Transfer Conference, these topics will be covered with sessions including:
All Aboard! Effectively On-boarding Transfer Students through Collaboration,
Transforming Transfer Admissions: Adapting Advising Models to Meet Transfer Student Needs, and
Transfer Mentor Program: A Concurrent Advising and Enrollment Pilot Program.


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