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March 7, 2017
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The source of knowledge and best practices in the complex world of global credential evaluation now has a home page: AACRAO International.

AACRAO International will be your one stop to find out all the latest updates within AACRAO EDGE, hot and trending topics, new professional development and training offerings, and new research and publications relevant to your profession. The staff of AACRAO International are committed to the expansion of professional development opportunities for international admissions and credential evaluation professionals, lead research and evaluation efforts related to global education systems, and establish best practices for the professions that fall under the AACRAO umbrella.

There’s a symbiotic connection between our Training Opportunities and AACRAO EDGE, so we’ve housed them side-by-side. You can now take the expertise you acquire from our Workshops and Institutes and couple that with the vast repository of knowledge within AACRAO EDGE to evaluate credentials from systems from around the world. Our Workshops give you the confidence to use AACRAO EDGE to its full potential, but subscribers can always reach out with questions about the database.

When AACRAO EDGE subscribers have questions, you’ll benefit from our expertise, even if you’re not yet a subscriber. Monthly, we will assemble a collection of some of the more interesting queries, along with the answers that will deepen your knowledge of foreign education systems. For example:

Is the College of State Accountancy (STAN) in Jakarta, Indonesia a recognized institution? 

Thank you for your question to EDGE regarding the recognition of the State College of Accountancy (STAN) in Indonesia.  Founded in 1964 and known by its acronym (which stands for the name in Bahasa Indonesian, Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara/Advanced State School of Accounting) the State College of Accounting is Government-controlled (as the name implies) but not under the Ministry of Education and Culture, rather it is under the Ministry of Finance as discussed in the early portion of this study of accounting procedures in Indonesia by the World Bank.

It is a bit long at 245 pages but reference to the “Government-controlled State College of Accounting” appears on page 45.   The College is designed to educate State Auditors and Accountants who will immediately go to work for the Government (tuition is free) and is probably the best accounting school in Indonesia.  Usually when we see other Government ministries (than Education) overseeing institutions it is in the Ministries of Health or Defense but in the case we have Finance controlling this school and its curriculum.

We would suggest that this is a Government-recognized school.

Did you know that you might need to look under the Ministry of Finance to find recognition status of some institutions? That’s just one example of the broad expertise AACRAO International will provide for you.

Be sure to visit the new AACRAO International home page, and keep an eye in your inbox for our newsletter. Also, register for the upcoming Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN from April 2-5You’ll find AACRAO International staff all around the conference, and please stop by our booth in the Exhibit Hall with any questions--or just to say hello!



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