Announcing: The Small College Registrar Summer Series

June 15, 2021
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Small College Summer Series

By Melanie Gottlieb, AACRAO Interim Executive Director

The small college registrar listserv (scr-l) is one of the most active of AACRAO’s 15 Listserv discussion board. Since the fall of 2006, it’s a place where nearly 1100 subscribers connect daily, creating a network of friends and colleagues who truly understand what it means to run the Registrar’s office at a small institution--with small (or no) staff, wearing the multiple hats that small college registrars wear. The small college space is where I started my higher education career, so, for me, scr-l is where I go if I want to get a quick pulse on an issue, or if I need ideas on what to construct for content for a coffee break or webinar or an article.  I value that window into our member's day-to-day work lives - it helps keep me and, hopefully, AACRAO current and relevant.

A recent discussion bubbled up regarding networking and connection. We haven’t met in person now for two annual conferences.  The 2020 conference was canceled due to the Pandemic, and this year’s conference, while fabulous, was a different experience than the in-person meeting. We are all looking for ways to connect with our tribe. 

In late March, Liesl Fowler, Registrar and Assistant Dean at Augustana College, decided to do something about that. She surveyed the scr-l about the possibility of having some summer networking meet-ups that would work a little like the RoundTables at the annual meeting.  The response was a resounding YES! With more than half the list responding to the survey.  That’s a statistically significant sampling by any measure.  And so, the Small College Summer Series was born.

Mark your calendar for the following events:

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