AACRAO debuts enhanced credential evaluation database

February 10, 2020
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global communications network concept, text overlay: AACRAO EDGE

Exciting new features are set to be unveiled in AACRAO EDGE, the Electronic Database for Global Education.

About EDGE: A resource for international admissions and credential evaluation professionals 

Established in 2004, AACRAO EDGE is the definitive resource for evaluating the prior learning of internationally educated students.

The placement recommendations and grading scale conversions in EDGE are approved by the International Education Standards Council, a body that represents the consensus expert opinion in the United States.

EDGE includes background information on the educational system of the country, a visual credential ladder which showcases common pathways for students, and details the Ministries (and other pertinent bodies in the educational system) for validation and verification of specific credentials. 

Updates to EDGE

AACRAO EDGE has a completely redesigned, responsive user interface (see example page below). To improve clarity, the new release reorganizes the layout of Resources, Grading Scales, and Educational Ladders to make it easier to evaluate the credential in front of you. User profiles will be updated to allow subscribers one single sign-on across all of AACRAO to access exclusive members/subscriber content. And for access on the go, the update has increased mobile functionality.

Other features debuting include: 

  • Enhanced Search: Responsive to the needs of current users, we have enhanced the search function across the database, incorporating tags/key words on credentials to make them easier to locate. Once the country of origin has been selected, typing the name of the credential will quickly filter out other results. 

  • Emergent News: When current events impact the availability of documentation or significant educational events merit acknowledgement, we will inform you through a new feature called Emergent News. This section will provide details useful in informing decisions about how best to address situations that students are experiencing firsthand, sortable by country. 

  • Recent Updates: The new AACRAO EDGE will highlight recent changes and updates, sorted by country and catalogued by date, to ensure user awareness of significant profile additions and edits. 

  • User Bookmarks: Are you regularly responsible for evaluating credentials from a certain country or countries? In the new release of EDGE, you will be able to bookmark your most commonly accessed profiles and quickly review a consolidated list of all of the recent updates. 

  • Suggest an Update: Do you have recent information that we are not yet reflecting? We’ve streamlined the process to contact us; we want to immediately get started with the research and confidently provide a substantive edit for all users, and any provided background information will accelerate that process.

Basically, every facet of EDGE is better, with even more improvements to come.

To learn more and get a preview of the new EDGE, join us at the free pre-conference workshop at the AACRAO Annual Meeting in New Orleans, and visit edge.aacrao.org and secure your subscription at the current rate for the coming year ahead of the debut of the new version this spring.  


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