AACRAO Collaborates with the University Council of Jamaica

April 19, 2021
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AACRAO Jamaica

This March, the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) invited AACRAO to present virtually at its 16th Annual Quality Assurance in Higher Education Week on e-transcripts and improving quality in student academic records.

"As a relatively small country with a manageable number of institutions, Jamaica has the opportunity to move as a unit on this," stated Julia Funaki, Associate Director, AACRAO International. "We were grateful for the opportunity to add our experience to the discussion."

AACRAO is the premier provider of professional development, training, and current research on foreign educational systems and often educates and inform U.S. higher education institution on global events, and their impact on their international education programs, policies, and initiatives. The association also engages with Ministries, ENIC-NARICs, and higher education institutions outside of the United States to educate and inform on current U.S. practices. As such, AACRAO graciously accepted the opportunity to present ways of “Improving quality in student academic records” in Jamaica.

AACRAO relies heavily on its Committees, comprised of member volunteers to support the mission and strategic plan for the organization. As current practitioners and active members of Group 6: Information Technology's Standardization of Post-Secondary Education Electronic Data Exchange (SPEEDE) Committee, Doug Holmes and James Feigert joined Funaki in this virtual presentation. AACRAO's SPEEDE committee exists to foster the adoption of electronic transcripts (and education records) exchange through education and outreach. With the leadership of these AACRAO members, attendees of the session were able to see the future of E-transcripts/Digital records in Jamaica as the right course for student-services.

As the presenters pointed out, after the initial investment, it is the most efficient way of record/document flow, and as the past year has demonstrated, and it is a better way to ensure business continuity.