AACRAO's Women Caucus - Celebrating Women's History Month

March 8, 2021
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March commences Women’s History Month, a time for us to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women everywhere. This is more key than ever, especially as we approach year two of a pandemic that has seen three million women leave the workforce. 

This “coronavirus-induced exodus” can be attributed to several factors: the gender gap in pay, the lack of support for childcare, and women’s undervalued work amongst other things. Many women are having to choose between working and caring for their children in the absence of school and daycare centers. Our own former Connect editor Brooke Barnett bid farewell to AACRAO in December, ruminating on what it felt like to become a statistic

Now, more than ever, it is essential for women in higher education to rely on their virtual support network. Reach out to one another. Rely on each other. If you are looking for a group within AACRAO, look no further than our very own Women’s Caucus. 

Headed by member Bianca Thompson-Owen, the group is a force that engages with its members consistently through newsletters, and monthly meetings where the women discuss what is on their mind. Relying on your community and feeling their support is an act of self-care.

AACRAO’s Women Caucus also provides resources on the topic. On March 16, the Women’s Caucus is hosting a webinar “The A.C.T.I.O.N Framework for Living a Purposeful Life.” This webinar will walk participants through deliberate acts of self-care, and how to find purpose in what could be their currently overwhelming life. Register today.



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