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February 10, 2020
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In a recent SEMQ article, author Ginnifer Cié Gee shares how a SEM project management system can assist an institutional shift in identity. Providing a case study of one institution and its SEM journey, Gee shares how a SEM project management tool was implemented. 

“The historical model of students being college ready is shifting to a philosophy that requires institutions to be student ready," Gee writes. “Student success initiatives, marketable skills/experiential learning integration, managing student debt, and the familiar goals of meeting enrollment goals are the focus.” Institutions, she adds, must “adopt agile, modern, and streamlined management methods.”

Gee profiles a Hispanic-serving institution in the south that enrolls 32,000 students, employs 1,322 faculty, and offers 157 degree programs. She introduces a SEM project management methodology and provides a model for SEM project management.  

“There is a wealth of information on what strategic enrollment management is; what enrollment leaders need is literature on how to manage the intricate, codependent, and time-sensitive processes that accompany any SEM plan,” she writes. “Having an effective way to plan and manage massive enrollment initiatives can enable enrollment managers not only to better support their staff but also to streamline processes in order to improve enrollment, retention, and graduation outcomes.”

SEMQ 7(4) also includes the following articles:  

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