5 fascinating facts about AACRAO's Annual Meeting History

March 25, 2014
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In honor of the occasion of our 100th Annual Meeting, here are five interesting facts about our meeting history:

1. 1916: The 69 attendees at the 7th Annual Meeting in New York were treated to a luncheon at world famous Delmonico’s, sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation.

2. 1919: Attendees voted on whether to have ALL meetings in the central U.S. – preferably Chicago – but ultimately voted to have MOST in the central U.S. with the “occasional trips to such extreme foreign parts as Boston.”

3. 1920: Attendees at this meeting in Washington, DC, were treated to an exhibit of modern office appliances, including filing cabinets, card forms and desks.

4. 1920: The 10th Annual Meeting Anniversary Banquet menu included:

Oyster Cocktail ~ Celery & Olives ~ Chicken Consume ~ Filet of Sole with Tarter Sauce ~ 

Saratoga Potatoes ~ Larded Tenderloin of Beef w/Mushroom Sauce ~ 

~ Mashed Potatoes & Green Peas ~ Lettuce & Tomato Salad w/ French Dressing ~

Chocolate Ice Cream ~ Assorted Cakes ~ Demi Tasse

5.  1964: Dr. Peter B. Muir head of the U.S. Office of Education jestingly introduced the name of a new dream drug for Registrars: “Dammitall.”  He couldn’t claim it would relieve one’s tension, neither would it pep you up – but it would make you enjoy being tense!  The “drug” was introduced at the Golden Jubilee Annual Meeting, April 21, 1964, in Omaha, Nebraska.

If you missed last issue's fun historical facts, click here. To read more and register for the 100th Annual Meeting in Denver--guaranteed to make even more fun and profound association history--click here.



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