Melanie Gottlieb

Melanie Gottlieb

Executive Director, AACRAO

Melanie is the first woman to hold the role of Executive Director in the association’s history after nearly six years as the Deputy Director. She brings a global perspective rooted in an understanding of the technological proficiency and flexibility needed to move AACRAO forward.

Melanie came to the national office with 18 years as an AACRAO member, with experience in Records & Registration, Enrollment Management and International Recruitment and Credential Evaluation. She has served the association in a variety of volunteer leadership roles throughout her career, most recently as Vice President for International Education on the AACRAO Board of Directors.  Melanie earned an MA in Information Science from the University of Missouri - Columbia and a BA in History /American Studies from Marlboro College in Vermont.

Melanie's Role At AACRAO

Melanie is responsible for ensuring the association's operations (to include staff, infrastructure, products, and services) are in alignment to carry out the mission according to the strategic direction of the AACRAO Board of Directors.