Boundaries, COVID & Burnout: Shift from Depletion to Abundance

October 23, 2020

Free Webinar | 3:00-4:00 pm EDT

Has your living space been transformed into an office, a classroom, a gym, a theater, a boardroom, a therapist couch, and, yes, where you live? How has your leadership role evolved, by choice or necessity, since the uninvited houseguest named COVID arrived on your doorstep? Do you worry that today is the day that physical and mental exhaustion show up?

Our intentions are clear and commendable: empower colleagues, lead dynamically, bring our best to the table every day, live the mission of our institution. What stops us are compounding deadlines, expectations, personal and professional commitments, endless to-do lists, and running the gauntlet of the academic year. It’s time to bring the conversation about how we care for and honor ourselves into our professional lives. It is the foundation and source of our productivity, engagement, mindset, and what we share of ourselves with others. This is our time to interrupt the pattern of neglecting ourselves to serve others because what we know is true is this: you cannot give what you do not have. Join this conversation and gain strategies to shift from depletion to abundance without strengthening your caffeine habit. 

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Headshot of Melanie Gottlieb.

Melanie Gottlieb

Executive Director, AACRAO


headshot of Nicole Weyer

Nicole Weyer

Founder, Root to Rise Coaching

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