Enrollment Management Webinars

When You Put Students First, Everyone Wins

February 25, 2020

Free webinar | 2-3 PM ET

Too often, the technology and user experiences provided to students are either an afterthought, or come with a list of excuses for why they can't be better. Should registering for classes take 4 hours across hundreds of clicks? Is it surprising that some students didn't make it through that process at all? Should advisors be saddled with the same questions over and over? At TAMIU, Associate VP and University Registrar Juan Gilberto Garcia and his team refused to follow the status quo, and have empowered a highly diverse student population and advisors across campus with a premium scheduling and registration experience. The result? When you put students first, everyone wins.  
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Yellow background with "AACRAO" in the top left corner and a headshot of Annetta Stroud

Annetta Stroud, Ed.M

Director, Content & Curriculum


headshot of Garcia Juan Gilberto Jr.

Juan Gilberto Garcia Jr.

Associate VP & University Registrar, Texas A&M International University

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Haley Johnson

Account Executive with College Scheduler by Civitas Learning