Learning Outcomes

As it relates to the program's curriculum, the faculty has assembled a set of learning outcomes for each required component of the SEM-EP. Please read on for more information.

ModuleLearning Outcomes
  • To gain exposure to 3 different enrollment-management related topics.
  • To apply the knowledge from the webinars to your enrollment operations.
  • To demonstrate the strengths/ weaknesses within your enrollment management areas based on the topics discussed in the webinars.
Essentials of SEM Course
  • To become conversant with the core concepts of SEM.
  • To gain familiarity with leading SEM literature and practice.
  • To understand primary tools of SEM and guidelines for effective deployment.
  • To test the implementation of SEM concepts with experts and with peers.
  • To develop knowledge and skills to promote professional advancement.
Field Visits
  • To understand the operations of Admissions Offices at three other colleges.
  • To understand the operations of Registrar Offices at three other colleges.
  • To gain exposure to Financial Aid Offices at three other colleges.
  • To gain exposure to enrollment management practices at other colleges.
  • To develop a network of colleagues in the profession.
  • To demonstrate a level of successful cross functional activities found in the admission, records, and enrollment offices and how they relate to the academic power structure.
Capstone Option 1 - Mini Research Project
  • To demonstrate the ability to track and analyze a local population of students.
  • To demonstrate the ability to construct an exercise to collect data designed to track enrollment.
  • To demonstrate the ability to report conversion outcomes between a control group and an experimental group.
Capstone Option 2 - Literature Review
  • To demonstrate research skills.
  • To demonstrate understanding of a foundational EM concept.
  • To demonstrate the ability to organize a list of sources and an accompanying paragraph that explains and evaluates each entry in terms of quality, authority and relevance through an annotated bibliography.
Capstone Option 3 - Enrollment Planning Models or Plans
  • To develop a model that showcases the components of an enrollment plan.
  • To demonstrate the ability to formulate a plan using an outline of a SEM plan, an enrollment planning budget or a research model designed to study/rank effective outreach tools to improve/measure enrollment.