Capstone Report Structure

Introduce your institution (size, affiliation), your office and your role. Indicate if you are using any staff to assist with the study and if so, what role they played.

  • The final capstone paper should be a minimum of eight pages, but not exceed10 pages including tables or graphical illustrations.
  • Indicate if your population is a retention study or new student study.
  • Explain your outreach message strategy or incentive.
  • Describe your outreach tool, frequency of use and method of how it was used to reach the experimental group.
  • Indicate your target term and range of study in weeks or months
  • Discuss how each group was selected and treated during the exercise.
  • Discuss any obstacles, advantage or exceptions in the study.
  • Discuss how your groups were extracted, secured, accessed and managed.
  • Discuss group findings in contrast of outreach tools, frequency or enhancements of delivery.
  • Discuss findings regarding the strategic messaging or incentive used.
  • Include a one page chart, table or excel file to graphically illustrate results.
  • Arrange to have your project peer-reviewed by a SEM-EP peer prior to submission.

In addition, close your paper with 2 goals that summarize how you may further your own SEM career using the entire SEM- EP experience as a backdrop. (Leadership roles, HR staff development compliance, presentations, state/regional or national offices, promotion qualifications, career searches or other advancements).