Dispelling misconceptions about SEM Planning; an Interview with a Senior Enrollment Officer

September 29, 2022

September 29, 2022 | 1:00 - 2:00 P.M.

Far too often we hear from colleges and universities that they are too busy to develop a SEM Plan; that they are planning fatigued and cannot take on another initiative; that their incoming class is full so why bother with developing a SEM plan; or that they already created a SEM plan and it simply sat on the shelf and made little to no impact on their campus. In this interview we will talk with a leading Senior Enrollment Officer, Dr. Cedric Howard, about some of the reasons why institutions elect not to develop a SEM Plan and many of the reasons why they should. Dr. Howard will break down those misconceptions about SEM planning and help institutions see the way forward to having a living SEM Plan.




headshot of Dr. Cedric Howard

Dr. Cedric Howard

Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services at SUNY Fredonia

Headshot of Jody Gordon.

Jody Gordon

Managing Consultant at AACRAO

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