CLRs Are Here. Are You Ready?

March 11, 2021

Free Webinar | 12:00-1:00 pm ET

It has been a discussion for years. The traditional transcript is limited in what it can do for a learner. It’s a great start, but it struggles to holistically represent a learner's education for self-reflection, to allow a learner to tell their own story, or for employers to understand workforce ready skills that were learned during a learner’s academic career. A group of leading institutions that are launching CLRs in 2021 are sharing the driving force behind launching CLRs, how they incorporated their students in the process, and what they had to do to get executive sponsorship for the initiative.


  1. What an institution, a learner, and the employer get from a well developed CLR

  2. How an institution can decide if a CLR should be prioritized in 2021

  3. What it takes to launch a CLR


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A smiling female in a dark blue shirt

Insiya Bream

Registrar & Associate Vice President, University of Maryland Global Campus

Headshot of Bhaves Bambhrolia.

Bhavesh Bambhrolia

University Registrar, Temple University

Headshot of Kevin Martin.

Kevin Martin

General Manager of Higher Education, Parchment


Dr. Rodney Parks

Registrar, Director of Summer College, Assistant Vice President at Elon University

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