Black Caucus Town Hall

June 4, 2020

12:00-1:00 pm ET

We are living the Black peoples' reality - we are not safe in the country that we call home. Lived experiences clearly reinforce that regardless of personal and professional achievement, we are NOT immune to the inhumane effects of racism, racial profiling, and hatred. Every morning, we wonder if this is the day that our family or someone we know will become a victim of this cancer in our society.

"I can't breathe."
The isolation caused by the pandemic has intensified the pain we feel and at the same time emboldened our purpose to press forward. We need each other’s unconditional support. 

All are welcome to talk, type, and/or listen as we continue to pray for and work toward justice and peace for all. 
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headshot of Philip Hunt

Philip Hunt

Special Assistant to the President and University Registrar, North Dakota State University

Kizzy Morris

University Provost & Chief Academic Officer at Cheyney University of Pennsylvania

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