Philip Hunt

University Registrar at North Dakota State University

2020 AACRAO Elections - VP for Leadership and Management Development Candidate

My name is Philip Hunt. I currently serve as the University Registrar at North Dakota State University. My experience working with universities, law firms, and education associations have exposed me to the wide range of issues and challenges faced by educational institutions from the perspective of both an administrator and a regulatory affairs officer.  

As my career illustrates, I have a passion and an affinity for supporting students in achieving their educational goals while serving the broader academic community and the public. As a Registrar professional, I have increased collaboration, engagement, and transparency with internal and external stakeholders. The result is enhanced customer service to students, faculty, and staff as well as an increase in both effectiveness and efficiency. 

The view on leadership that I closely ascribe to may be ascertained through a quote by Theodore Roosevelt which states, “people don’t care what you know until they know how much you care.” Striving to meet the charge within that statement, I currently serve on the Executive Board of the Black Caucus where I oversee the caucus’ social media engagement efforts. This year, I helped organize the first-ever AACRAO town hall to have an open conversation on race and served as a co-host for the event. I also hosted a conversation on AACRAO's social justice efforts. From these events, I look forward to continued engagement with the membership to help our colleagues develop the skills and knowledge to support access and inclusion efforts on their respective campuses. Through the development of relationships and working with colleagues in my regional ACRAO, a group of us were able to establish the inaugural Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee where our goals are to advance diversity, equity, and inclusivity initiatives through open dialogue and collaboration. As the Chair of this committee, I am dedicated to working with members of UMACRAO to strengthen the connection between the regional ACRAO and AACRAO to support national priorities on a local and regional level.  

Through self-reflection, I have been able to combine my passion for education with my strengths to understand my “why.” I would be honored to have the opportunity to share my “why” and help others find or further develop theirs. And, this is the reason I am interested in your vote of confidence to serve as the next Vice President for Leadership and Management Development. Presented in this role, is a great opportunity to help ensure AACRAO’s priorities align with the overall priorities of our membership. This includes but is not limited to identifying current trends, addressing challenges, and identifying opportunities to make our profession better and serve students.

In me, AACRAO and the membership will gain a partner who brings forth the following strengths:

· Strong analytical and organizational skills; an innovative thinker with initiative, self-motivation, and a drive to succeed;

·  An ability to influence, engage and ignite groups; inform and lead discussions on policy and process; strong active listening with a presence that conveys collaboration and respect;

·  Creative problem-solving ability. 


Thank you for your consideration.