Philip Hunt

headshot of Philip Hunt

University Registrar, North Dakota State University

Philip is the marketer for all the valuable work that the Black Caucus does. He is highly involved in AACRAO, taking over the shared Instagram MyAACRAO account to walk us through a typical day at his institution. But Philip doesn't just showcase other members' work - he actively implements change on his own campus. 

“As there are few offices on campus that impact the educational experience of many different groups of people, who include students (current and prospective), parents, faculty, staff and alumni as the registrar’s office,  I feel it is my professional duty to advocate for those constituents by serving on our university’s diversity and inclusion committee.

Having professional experience in advancing access and inclusion initiatives, I jumped at the opportunity to serve on our campus committee, especially at a time when our state is questioning the value of diversity programming on campuses in South Dakota. When called upon, I helped the attorney for the Board of Regents respond to legislators when they inquired about our diversity and multicultural programs by not only articulating the importance of these programs to our students but the impact of these programs on the State of South Dakota and the future success of our global economy.