AACRAO statement on relationship with Dr. William Sedlacek

March 31, 2021
AACRAO values the role of research in higher education. Research shows that GPA and test scores can be incomplete predictors of success for today’s students. AACRAO’s commitment to holistic admissions and multiple measures is rooted in its values of collaboration, innovation, inclusivity, inquiry, and integrity.

It is because of these values that we must continue our work of removing artificially defined but very real barriers to student access and success. It is also because of these values, specifically our commitment to integrity, that we must address a recent development.

The work of Dr. William Sedlacek has for decades focused on ways to dismantle racism and improve equity. His 2017 book, Measuring Noncognitive Variables (Stylus Publishing), however, includes passages with terminology in direct opposition to our values. We do not and will not condone the use of such terminology and can no longer in good faith refer to his resources, nor can we support his online statements or other instances where this terminology is used.

We will continue our efforts to be agents of change and champions for today’s students’ post-secondary pursuits.