2014 Demographics

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In 1917, AACRAO welcomed it first woman member. Today women make up more than 2/3 of the membership.


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*Please Note: Some members identify multiple areas in which they work

Prior to 1949 AACRAO was known as AACR. In 1949, the name was expanded to include Admissions Officers to account for the increased importance of the admissions officer in recruiting, evaluating, and admitting students. The highest percentage of our members work in Records and Registration at 58%, but right behind that is Admissions at 34%.


In 1910 only 10 colleges in United States had more than 5,000 students. Today, 777 member institutions have enrollments of at least 5,000 students; that’s 29% of our member institutions.


The 777 schools with more than 5,000 enrolled students account for 48% of our individual members. 52% of our members come from institutions with fewer than 5,000 members


The spread of institutional control has not varied much in the past decade; the general trend you see above has long been standard for AACRAO’s membership


AACRAO tries to provide services for all types of institutions regardless of size, control or class. Take a moment to look over the benefits of AACRAO membership to see how we’re serving you.


In 1910 only 13 states were represented as members. Now all 50 states are members, as well as several territories. There are even 6 states that list more than 100 member institutions. California (212), New York (200), Texas (137), Pennsylvania (135), Illinois (124), and Massachusetts (106).


In the late 1990s, the AACRAO-AID Office was established and within a few years, the association became a widely recognized source for information on foreign education issues. This office later transformed into the Office of International Education Services. AACRAO’s attention to issues in international higher education has brought in members from 40 countries! In total there are 140 international institutions that are members.