Commitment Pledge to Social Justice

From the AACRAO Black Caucus
Colleges and universities have the responsibility of preparing students for a global society. Higher Education is more than content and curriculum; it has been promoted as an opportunity to improve people’s lives. One of the many roles of higher education is to encourage an engaged citizenry that is knowledgeable about their communities and how to make them better.

Research confirms socializing with individuals of different ethnic, cultural or religious backgrounds contributes positively to a student’s cognitive and academic development, intellectual self-confidence and self-esteem. As educators we must create a campus culture that is accessible, anti-racist, and inclusive because it is an ethical, legal, professional, and moral imperative. This is not about highlighting one race or social group over another but about everyone being seen and treated as equals when it comes to valuing their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Therefore, access and diversity is not just about race or ethnicity. It also includes socio-economic status, religion and gender identity and calls for us to treat all people fairly and equitably. In order for this to happen we are calling for AACRAO and our members to pledge to take action by establishing policies, practices and initiatives that promote access, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism at the association as well as on their respective campuses. We must pull together for meaningful conversation, strategy, organization, and action.
The Pledge:

I pledge to take action by engaging in efforts at the association and on my campus that promote access, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism to provide equitable pathways for student success and support for underrepresented faculty and staff. This includes using my skills, talents and voice to serve my campus, AACRAO and our membership.

Take Action

Share with the AACRAO Community. Take the pledge and tell us how you're working to put these words to action in the higher education community.