Author or Edit an AACRAO Publication

AACRAO Publications utilizes individuals who will serve as authors of a variety of quality reference resources for professionals in the field of international education. Qualified participants must possess solid credential evaluation experience, excellent writing ability, and the energy and determination to complete projects by specified deadlines. Proposals for publication are submitted first to AACRAO's Publications Department at Potential authors are encouraged to submit an outline on topics that relate to the profession of registrars, admissions officers, and enrollment managers.

Contact AACRAO Publications with ideas for publication topics or for additional information.

Phone: (202) 263-0292; Fax: (202) 872-8857; E-mail:


The publications proposal includes the following:

  • Cover Statement (purpose, audience, justification, background of author/editor, funding)
  • Outline of Contents (2-3 pages)
  • Publications Plan (timetable, publications team)
  • Budget specifying quantity, expected appearance, packaging, length, production and printing costs, distribution, and marketing
  • Marketing Plan


  • AACRAO's print and digital publications delineate the policies and positions of the Association, unless otherwise specified in writing. They reflect the Association's standards for intellectual and editorial integrity, timeliness, and readability.
  • AACRAO retains exclusive copyright on all works for which it is the sole publisher.
  • The views represented by individual authors do not necessarily reflect those of AACRAO.
  • AACRAO does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of information in contributed articles nor for the current of information once a publication has been released. Mention of products, services, and announcements in AACRAO publications does not constitute endorsement, actual or implied.
  • AACRAO accepts no responsibility for the contents of personal, corporate, member or other home pages linked to the Association's Web or gopher sites, or to listservs to which members, and/or nonmembers might subscribe.
  • Publications may be underwritten by AACRAO or by corporate members, and other vendors may call (202) 293-9161 for more information.
  • With the exception of AACRAO's Occasional Papers, all publications are reviewed.