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Season 3

The Carnegie Unit | 07/08/2020

"There's a tremendous variation in how [faculty] assess, in how they grade and that is part of the problem and part of why we keep leaning back into the carnegie unit. Because it's quite simple. Because it's numerical. Because it's an accounting measure. So we can all agree that it's not the way to measure learning but we can't seem to agree on a best way that we should."

  • Doug McKenna
  • Organizational Frameworks | 06/09/2020

    "Somebody may have a talent or an ability that you want to maximize and maybe you need to change your structure so that they can be more successful in their role."

  • Doug McKenna
  • The Future of Higher Education | 05/27/2020

    "The future of life-long education is only sustainable when achieving an education doesn't indenture someone to servitude."

  • Doug McKenna
  • Season 2

    Working Effectively with Faculty | 01/15/2020

    Have a high profile...."Go to faculty senate meetings. Be seen at faculty senate meetings."

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    Season 1

    Episode 07 - Privacy Principles | 05/14/2019

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