The Efficiency of the Transfer Function

March 22, 2021
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The AACRAO 2021 Session, The Efficiency of the Transfer Function, Presented By Dr. Casey Bullock, Executive Director and University Registrar at Weber State University.

Many factors affect degree efficiency, and one of the most prevalent is student transfer. Nearly 37.2% of all undergraduates across higher education have attended more than one institution. Many states and institutions have developed transfer articulation policies to facilitate efficient and effective transfer between institutions. Effective transfer policies should increase the students’ ability to transfer, increase the transferability of credits and/or decrease credit loss. Nonetheless, it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of these policies. Furthermore, time to a degree measured in calendar years from the point when a student matriculates to graduation is not a valid measurement of efficiency and cannot measure the utilization of resources and wasted classes through the transfer process.    

A review of several statewide transfer articulation policies indicated that most policies are designed to reduce the amount of credit loss students experience when they transfer. However, the acceptance of credit alone does not guarantee efficiency. The credit that is accepted must apply to students’ degree requirements. Theoretically, if larger percentages of transfer credit apply to students’ degree requirements, the more efficiently students should complete the bachelor’s degree. A transfer guide that only displays the equivalent course between institutions does not necessarily resolve the applicability issue. Moreover, policies that are designed to reduce credit loss that only address course-to-course articulations may not be enough. But, how do we measure credit loss through the transfer function and what effect does the structure of the degree have on efficiency? 

In the session, The Efficiency of the Transfer Function, Dr. Casey Bullock, Executive Director and University Registrar at Weber State University, will examine how to measure the efficiency of the transfer function and what factors contribute to less efficient pathways. Furthermore, he will review the challenges and problems in the transfer function and possible solutions.

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