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AACRAO EDGE offers high level analysis and background information on global systems, yet also drills down all the way to provide specific recommendations based on a student's educational history. The placement recommendations articulated within AACRAO EDGE instill confidence that you are recruiting the right student and leaves you positive that you can understand that student's educational background. All content is reviewed and approved by the International Education Standards Council (IESC) before submission to the database. The Council members draw on varied experiences including employment at institutions of higher learning and also private credential evaluation firms. The combined experience of the IESC fuses what can feel like diverging professional opinions into elegant, articulate solutions that you can implement and stand firmly behind. To help you stay current in the dynamic environment of global education, AACRAO staff and the International Education Standards Council (IESC) maintain the accuracy and usefulness of AACRAO EDGE. Additions and updates happen daily. Below is a compilation of updates from the last month.