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Released 10.05.2020
Institutional Closings Mergers Report Cover

Closed or Merged Institutions: Guidance and Best Practices Pertaining to Student Education Records

The anticipated increase in institutions of higher education (IHE) closings due to declining enrollments, decreasing budgets, and the ‘for-profit implosion,’ will result in a growing number of students left with incomplete educations and many questions about their academic plans and personal finances. A recent analysis found that more than 1,200 campuses shuttered in the last five years, displacing nearly half a million students.

The closing IHE bears a significant responsibility to ensure the secure transfer and safe-keeping of its student education records. However, guidance for both the closing and receiving IHE/entity will help school officials ensure that records of the closed IHE are preserved and that students do not suffer undue burden and stress as a result of the closure.