C&U Vol. 99 / No. 1, Winter 2024

February 2024

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Table of Contents

Choosing a Major: How the Experiences of African American and Latino Males Influence Retention and Persistence by Yosayra F. Solano
GPA Fixation: Performance Mindset during the Sophomore Year, A Qualitative Study by Amml Hussein 
Interview with Jerry Lucido by Christopher W. Tremblay 

50 Years of FERPA
Promoting FERPA in HBCU Environments: The Registrar's Role by Harrison P. Johnson 
If You Build It, They Will Come: The University of Iowa’s FERPA Team by Sara Sullivan, Julie Fell, Kathryn Stoltenberg, and Jessica Alberhasky 

Understanding the European Baccalaureate and the European Schools: A Unique College Preparatory Program by Pierre Debaty 
Bridging the Silos: Strengthening Connections Between the Central Registrar and Decentralized Academic Units by Emily Tallant 

Campus Viewpoint
Engaging Student Employee Development with Microcredentials by Rebecca Jones and Ashely Hildebrandt 

The AACRAO Review
Unintended Consequences of Internationalization in Higher Education: Comparative International Perspectives on the Impacts of Policy and Practice reviewed by Staci Bernhard 
14 Rules for Admissions Screening in Higher Ed: An Antidote to Bias reviewed by Jennifer McClure
The College Stress Test: Tracking Institutional Futures Across a Crowded Market reviewed by Stephen Handel