C&U Vol. 98 / No. 1, Winter 2023

February 2023

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Table of Contents

Supporting Nontraditional Student Persistence in Practitioner-Based College Programs: A Literature Review by Marlene Blake, Sushil Jindal, Nowai Keleekai-Brapoh 
Financial Aid Eligibility: Fundamental Concepts for College Administrators by Stephen McDowell 
Interview with John Gardner by Dawn Aubry
The Freshman Year Experience by John N. Gardner

It’s Time that Colleges Invest in their Undergraduate Admissions Staff by Tara P. Nicola and Mark E. Butt 
Meet ChatGPT by Christopher Tremblay

Research in Brief
Establishing the Value of AACRAO: Exploring Member Experiences and Engagement Opportunities by Seth Kamen and Christine Apple
Cultural Integrity in College Bridge Programs: A Cultural Analysis by Newsoul Deus 
Campus Viewpoint
Management vs. Leadership, Would You Rather? by Katie Cloud and Aimee Leturmy 
Bringing Services to the Student by Building Institutional Relationships by Amanda Kruzona 

The AACRAO Review
The Great Upheaval: Higher Education’s Past, Present, and Uncertain Future reviewed by Stephen Handel 
The Future of American Higher Education: How Today’s Public Intellectuals Frame the Debate reviewed by Patrick Tanner 
The State Must Provide: Why America's Colleges Have Always Been Unequal--and How to Set Them Right reviewed by Kimberley Buster-Williams