C&U Vol. 98 / No. 3, Summer 2023

August 2023

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Table of Contents

Financial Aid’s Role in Strategic Enrollment Management by Stephen McDowell 
Financial Aid Knowledge and Resources Among First-Generation College Students by Carmelitia J. Coleman
An Interview with Marie Bigham by Nick Heisserer 
An Interview with Dr. Karen Stout by Jairo McMican 

Why Test-Optional and Other Test-Light Options Have Worked So Well in College Admissions by Robert Sternberg 
The Bermuda Triangle of the Iron Triangle: Three Angles, The Unholy Trinity, the Holy Grail and the Triple Constraint (and a Tetrahedron) by Christopher W. Tremblay 
AXACT (Crest Tower), Karachi, Pakistan: “World’s Largest Diploma Mill” Criminal Enterprise: A Glimpse Behind the Veil of Legitimacy by Allen Ezell 

Research in Brief
The Importance of a Strong Campus Visit: A Practice Brief Outlining Collaboration Between Admissions and Facilities Management by Alicia Kornowa and Eleonora Philopoulos 
Direct Admissions: Policies and Principles by Jennifer A. Delaney, Thong Minh Trinh, and Taylor K. Odle 

Campus Viewpoint
Why Adults Should Be and are Becoming a Prominent Piece of the SEM Puzzle by Katie Taylor 

The AACRAO Review
Rethinking College Admissions: Research-Based Practice and Policy reviewed by Brenda Schumann 
Basic Guide to Financial Aid reviewed by Stephanie L. Krusemark