C&U Vol. 98, No. 2 / Spring 2023

May 2023

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Table of Contents

Your Piece of Financial Aid Compliance by Steven J. McDowell
Reframing the Purpose and Process of Supervision in Higher Education by Alex Fronduto 
An Interview with Rhonda Kitch by Philip Hunt 
An Interview with Jim Maraviglia by Jim Bouse 

Research in Brief
AACRAO Research: A Year in Review 2022 by Wendy Kilgore  

Campus Viewpoint
Developing and Implementing a Strategic Student-Friendly Compliance Initiative by Gena Boling, Lisa Clark, Becky Maxson 
Summer School: Pathways to Increase Enrollment and Revenue by Annica Gaebel, Rodney Parks, and Alexander Taylor  
Capturing Students’ Lifelong Learning Journey: The Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Learner Record by Janet Schreck, Chadia Abras, and Amynah Mithani  

The AACRAO Review
Becoming Great Universities reviewed by Cynthia Grunden 
The Price You Pay for College reviewed by Jonathan Lord 
Accepted reviewed by Alaina Wollner 
LGBTQ leadership in Higher Education reviewed by Tammy Johnson