C&U Vol. 97 / No. 3, Summer 2022

August 2022

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Table of Contents

The Growth of the Test-Optional Movement: Analysis of Test-Optional Admissions Policies in American Higher Education by Angela C. Lofaro 
Communicating Experiential Learning to Employers by Jordan Binkowitz, Prudence Layne, Rodney Parks, and Alexander Taylor 
An Interview with Nicole Lynn Lewis by Susan Weisman 
An Interview with Jay Goff by Jody Gordon  
A Challenge to Self-fulfilling Systems: Recognizing Transfer Currency, Exposing Equivalencies, and Tracking Outcomes by Carolyn Gentle-Genitty and Jeff Weber
Culture Adds: Divergent Thinking and the Future of the Registrar’s Office by Rodney Parks and Alexander Taylor 
Becoming a Great Boss: It Looks Easy Enough, but Is It? by Kathy Callies 
Reimagining the Registrar: Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships by Andrew M. Frazier 
Research in Brief
Burnout and Working Conditions in Higher Education during COVID-19: Recommendations for Policy and Practice by Jake D. Winfield and Joseph H. Paris 
Teleworking: How Understanding its History Will Benefit Institutions Today by Kristin Albright Waters 
Campus Viewpoint
Travel Prepared and Travel Well by Andy Altizer, Rick Clark, and John Dailey 
The Higher Education Central Policy Database reviewed by Kimberly McNair 
SEM as a Connector: Principles of Practice reviewed by Timothy Rees