C&U Vol. 96 / No. 4, Fall 2021

November 2021

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Table of Contents

Data-Driven Decisions: Using Network Analysis to Guide Campus Course Offerings by Gina Deom, Stefano Fiorini, Mark McConahay, Linda Shepard, and Julie Teague 
Electronic Transcripts 2021: The Landscape and Future of Electronic Document Exchange by AACRAO Speede Committee 
An Interview with Brian Rosenberg by Stephen Handel 
An Interview with Melanie Gottlieb by Monique L. Snowden 

Responding to COVID-19 Series
Measuring Outcomes of Virtual Enrollment Yield Programming by Dawn Medley, Kate Dyki, and John Knific
Leading Change during a Pandemic by Michelle H. Brown-Nevers 

Campus Viewpoint
Gauging Accessibility in an LMS: Finding an Ally in Blackboard Ally by Kris MacDonald 
Increasing Community College Enrollment When Everything Says You Shouldn’t by Amy M. Adams 

Research in Brief
Text Messaging: The Enrollment Management Strategy for Increasing Enrollment and Promoting a Sense of Belonging for Low-Income Students by Alex Patturelli 

The AACRAO Review
Toward Greater Inclusion and Success: A New Compact for International Students reviewed by Tana J. Miller 
Big Data on Campus: Data Analytics and Decision Making in Higher Education reviewed by Stephen J. Handel