C&U Vol. 96 / No. 3, Summer 2021

August 2021

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Table of Contents

Comprehensive Learner Records: The Student Voice by Caroline Dean Glover, Alexander Taylor, Rodney Parks, Amber Lin, and Bailee Castillo 
Job Satisfaction of Community College Deans by Maya Thomas Fernandez 
An Interview with Eric Waldo by Jacquelyn D. Elliott
An Interview with William Serrata by Alicia Moore  
Responding to COVID-19 Series
Pandemic Scheduling: The Art of the Pivot by Jessica M Muehlberg, Sarah Cho, and Shunit Harpaz 
“Community College Students and the Pandemic”: A Review of: Inside Higher Ed’s Special Report by Marisa Vernon White 
Proactively Supporting Students during a Crisis by Abigail Benz, Calie Holden, and Misty Tollett

100 Credits: My First Job as Registrar by Christopher Tremblay 
Involving the Registrar and the Financial Aid Offices in Academic Program Decisions by Kenneth McGhee 

Receiving Digital Documents Part 2 by Peggy Bell Hendrickson 

Book Reviews
The History of College Affordability in the United States from Colonial Times to the Cold War reviewed by Kimberley Buster-Williams 
Life is in Transitions: Managing Change at Any Age reviewed by Tammy Aagard