C&U Vol. 95 / Issue 4, Fall 2020

November 2020

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Table of Contents


Enrollment Management in the Context of Responsibility Center Management by Joseph H. Paris 
A Spectrum of What is Predatory: How Information, Information Deserts, and Information Asymmetries Shape College-Going Ecologies and Inequities by Constance Iloh 
Graduation Rates of Pell Grant Recipients at Public and Private Four-Year Institutions by Terry Ishitani 
Bulletins, Bow Ties, and Boards:  An Interview with Jeff von Monkwitz-Smith by Christopher Tremblay
Tips for Preparing for a Financial Aid Audit by Ed Colestock 
Leading Through and Beyond Crisis: Know and Decide Your Enrollment Logistics by Monique L. Snowden 
Campus Viewpoint
Elon’s Comprehensive Learner Profile Takes Flight by Rodney Parks, Casey Hayes, Mary Heggie, and Alexander Taylor 
A Student-Centered Onboarding and Advising Model by Kathy Simmons and Cris Felty  
Outcome-Driven Innovations with the Degree Audit by Casey Hayes and Rodney Parks 
Book Reviews
Alternative Universities: Speculative Design for Innovation in Higher Education reviewed by Stephen Handel 
Creating a Service Culture in Higher Education Administration reviewed by Seth Carruthers