C&U Vol. 94 / No. 3, Summer 2019

August 2019

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Table of Contents

How to Recruit and Retain Transfer Students: Comparing the College Choice Decision Process among Two- and Four-Year Transfer Students by Casey Lukszo and Shannon Hayes
Graduate Enrollment Considerations: Informing Practice and Research by Jeannine Kranzow
Looking Back, Looking Ahead: How Working on a Team Helped Us Each to Grow a Conversation with Sharon Cramer and Connie Cooke

Three Years and Counting: Lessons from a Newbie to a Newbie by Joseph Wolk
TES-in the Waters by Amber Andrade 

Research in Brief
Diploma Mills and Counterfeit Operations, Part 1 by Allen Ezell   
Effects of Residency Determination Services on the Applications from Two Rural High Schools by Andrew Johnson

Campus Viewpoint
The Next Generation of One-Stop Student Service Centers: Part 2 by Francisco Maldonado Altieri   
Critical Languages and College Choice by Hannah Schulz, Alexander Taylor, and Rodney Parks  
Graduating in spite of us? Identifying and reducing friction points for students by Tammy Aagard and Shelley Dodd