C&U Vol. 92 / No. 4, Fall 2017

September 2017

Table of Contents

From “AICE-ing” the Test to Earning the Degree: Enrollment and Graduation Patterns among Students with the Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Diploma by Carmen Vidal Rodeiro, Cara Crawford, and Stuart Shaw
The Influence of Electronic Word of Mouth on College Search and Choice by Whitney Lehman  
Revolutionizing Academic Records: A Student Perspective by Jesse Parish, Rodney Parks, and Jack Fryer

Mentorship Series

It’s a Big Job, but We Have to Do It by Daniel J. Bender  
Seeking the Sage: A Personal Essay on Mentoring by Mary Hodder
The Mentoring Relationship by Glenn Munson

Research in Brief
Disney in the Academy (and Other Disney Educational Experiences on College Campuses) by Christopher Tremblay  

Leaders Who Attract Followers by Michael Hawkins
Office of the Registrar: Mission and Vision by Howard E. Shanken and David M. Sauter  

Book Reviews
Knowledge Games: How Playing Games Can Solve Problems, Create Insight,
and Make Change.
Reengineering the University: How to Be Mission Centered, Market Smart, and Margin Conscious
Higher Education Reconsidered: Executing Change to Drive Collective Impact
SEM Core Concepts:  Building Blocks for Institutional and Student Success
Reviewed by Matthew Fifolt, Christopher Tremblay and Kimberley Buster-Williams