Volume 81


C&U Vol. 81 / No. 4, Summer 2006

July 10, 2013
  • AACRAO Leadership and Governance
  • Student Recruitment
  • Assessment
  • Forecasting/predictive modeling
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Some Reflections on SEM Structures and Strategies (Part Two)
by David H. Kalsbeek

Is Gender a Predictor of Success in College Mathematics Courses?
by C. Van Nelson and Krystina K. Leganza

Predicting Final GPA of Graduate School Students: Comparing Artificial Neural Networking and Simultaneous Multiple Regression
by Joan L. Anderson

An Evaluation of Enrollment Management Models of the 28 Florida Community Colleges
by Thomas LoBasso

Dying to Get In: Cinematic Views of College Choice
by Patricia Somers, Kristy Tucciarone, Jan Austin, Barbara Keene, Gwen Deloach Packnett, and Laura Stoll

An Interview with Jim Black
by Brad Burch