Volume 81


C&U Vol. 81 / No. 3, Spring 2006

July 10, 2013
  • Student Recruitment
  • Enrollment and Yield Strategies
  • Freshmen Student Recruitment

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Some Reflections on SEM Structures and Strategies (Part One)
by David H. Kalsbeek

A New Look at Solving the Undergraduate Yield Problem: The Importance of Estimating Individual Price Sensitivities
by Linda Siefert and Fred Galloway

How High School Students Construct Decision-making Strategies for Choosing Colleges
by George V. Govan, Sondra Patrick, and Cherng-Jyn Yen

Using Non-Cognitive Assessment in College Recruiting: Applying Holland's Self-Selection Assumption
by Cam Cruickshank and Perry Haan