Willie D. Davis Jr. (Babakubwa Kweku), Ph.D.

headshot of Willie D. Davis Jr

Professor, Lansing Community College and Davenport University

A Professor at Lansing Community College and Davenport University, Dr. Davis has his Ph.D. in International and Comparative Education from Michigan State University and has taught for 50 years, 14 in the K-12 system, to include founding Pamoja-Na-Shule (Saturday School) for neighborhood children, and 40 years as an Adjunct Professor. He has spent 40 years in Public Health as a Consultant in areas of Health Education, Statistics, Chronic Disease Control, Community Organizing, Quality Control for Medicaid Screening and Minority Health. He has published in several journals and books and has traveled extensively to Africa and the Caribbean as well as to Australia, Europe, South America and Asia gathering material for the All Around the African World Museum and Resource Center of which he is the Curator/Director. He has also served as a board member of an African Centered School named after Malcolm X – El Hajj Malik El Shabazz,for 25 years and in the naming  of a street Malcolm X Blvd in Lansing, Mi. He has coordinated tours to Tanzania and Jamaica and helped develop Sister and Friendship City relationships in Ghana and Tanzania respectfully. He retains active membership in many African and African American organizations and others including the Lansing Juneteenth Scholarship and Education Committee and enjoys the distinction of attending as a vendor,  for every Juneteenth Celebration.