T. James Faustino

Director of the Ho'okele Department for Admissions, Career, and Alumni Services

2020 AACRAO Elections - Nominations and Elections Committee Candidate

Aloha!  My name is James Faustino and it is with great enthusiasm that I submit my candidacy for the Nominations and Elections Committee.  I believe that my professional experience, training, demonstrated leadership capabilities, connection to the industry, and my commitment to the development of the ideals of the AACRAO organization align well with the position.  I feel that I am well prepared and qualified to contribute and provide a unique perspective given my background, culture, and associations. 

I am currently the Director of the Hoʻokele Department at BYU–Hawaiʻi.  Ho'okele is the Hawaiian word for navigation.  It is this exact concept and philosophy of navigating, coaching, mentoring and enabling students for success that I envision and expect the department that I lead, will provide as a service for students.  The Ho'okele department's organization is a novel organizational approach to uniting several traditional student services functions into a single department to improve the student experience from recruitment to post-graduation.  These departments include Student Recruitment, Admissions, New Student Experience, Experiential Learning, Career Services, Financial Aid, and Alumni Relations.

I have been with Brigham Young University-Hawaii for the past 9 years and have over 14 years of experience in Higher Education. I have performed in a variety of leadership roles in Higher Education. My past positions and experiences have afforded me the ability to understand many facets of the university administration and student life.  I have been involved in student data collection and analysis, strategic enrollment planning, student programming, and helped guide efforts for diversity, inclusion, and student success.  I am passionate and possess a strong commitment to the education, development, and empowering of young people.

I received a Bachelors Degree in Latin American Studies and a minor in Business.  I also attended Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, and received a Masters Degree in Engineering Management.  My professional experience outside of Higher Education administration involves work in Information Technology and Software Development. 

I am passionate and possess a strong commitment to the education, development, and empowerment of young people. I have a strong understanding of student issues, legal matters, and trends that can affect the management of student-development programs such as patterns of student behavior and family dynamics.

I would be happy to provide further details or expound upon my viewpoints or experiences if necessary. 

Here is a snapshot of my professional profile.  I have also attached my CV for a more comprehensive outline of my professional experiences.


  • 14 years in higher education
  • Strategically managed 11% enrollment growth at BYU-Hawaii 
  • Oversaw and/or created over 25 student programs, awards, and scholarships
  • Led 130 employees and service volunteers
  • Administered over $20M in gifts/endowments
  • Increased the number of work study students to 950+
  • Coordinated assistance to bolster international student aid -assisting with the repatriation of graduates (~70%)  
  • Managed the admission of 38,916 students (145,000 applicants)
  • Recruited 10,000+ prospective students in 39 countries/states/territories, through 200+ engagements
  • Developed 100+ queries/reports to manage student enrollment and success
  • Implemented 9 student software solutions
  • Oversaw the mentoring of 45% of all students in one year in Career Services
  • Member of 13 national/state organizations
  • 21 university committees, councils, and task-forces
  • Member of several civic and service organizations