Susan Allan

headshot of Susan Allan

Director, International Student Initiative at The University of British Columbia


Susan Allan serves as the Director of the International Student Initiative at the University Of British Columbia. She has 21 years’ experience in HE internationalization focusing on strategic enrolment management, student recruitment, market development, and financial assistance and awards. She holds a M.S. in Project Management, is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and holds the SEM-EP certification through AACRAO.

2017 SEM-EP Graduate

Capstone Project - The Creation of a Campus Culture for Student Success, literature review. This review compares three articles by leading enrolment management professionals on retention and student success to my primary text, Strategic Enrolment Intelligence. The central message of the text on retention is bringing together stakeholders from across the campus to share responsibility for student success from enrolment through to graduation. I explored how the articles supported or contrasted the idea of a retention champion and how some their proposed strategies are currently being utilized at my institution and where we had the opportunity to further student success in future at UBC.