Steve Seaworth

Photograph of Steve Seaworth

Executive Director - INSTEP Center for Global Programs and Studies Wake Forest University

AACRAO Elections Position Statement (Vice President for International Education)

I am honored to have been nominated to run for the position of Vice President for International Education at AACRAO. For the past 21 years I have served in various capacities within International Education at AACRAO, most recently completing my term as Group II Coordinator on the Annual Meeting Program Committee. In addition to the Program Committee, I have served on, and been Chair of, two of the four international committees over my career.

I would bring a range of experience in International Education to the position, not just from my work in Study Abroad and the field of International Education as a whole, but also from my work with AACRAO over the years. Now, more than ever, International Education needs to lead the way in promoting strong foundations of respect between people and ultimately, nations. What starts in our institutions of higher education, whether it be international students attending US institutions or US students studying abroad, gets paid forward into societies where productive global discourse can occur. I believe AACRAO is strategically positioned to aid its membership to further promote international cooperation by providing platforms and expertise that not only educate and train professionals in the field, but in creating an atmosphere that fosters the building and strengthening of relationships between cultures.

If elected, I will draw on my experience both in the field of International Education, and at AACRAO to work with the Board of Directors and the International staff to strengthen and promote International Education at AACRAO, enhancing the international offerings to the membership.


Steve has been in the field of International Education for 30 years concentrating on Study Abroad for US undergraduates. Since 2016, Steve has served as Executive Director within the Center for Global Programs and Studies at Wake Forest University for the INSTEP programs in the United Kingdom. Prior to 2016, Steve served in a number of roles, including Vice President, at a comprehensive study abroad provider.

At AACRAO, Steve has served as a member and then Chair of the Study Abroad Committee, Chair of the International Recruitment and Marketing Committee, and Program Coordinator for Group II (International) on the Annual Meeting Program Committee. In addition to presenting many sessions over the years on different topics pertaining to Study Abroad, Steve was also involved in arranging a joint task force between AACRAO and the Forum on International Education to address best practices in School of Record relationships.

Steve earned his BA degrees in Economics, Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Redlands and his MA in Economics from the University of California at Riverside.